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TV 0 500 Million Year Button

500 Million Year Button

The 500 million year button. Press that button and a million yen will come out. In exchange, you have to spend 500 million years in a completely empty space. However, the moment 500 million years have passed, your memory will be erased and you'll be right back where you started. For the person who pressed the button, it would be like a million yen in an instant. 5-year-old Tonio, 14-year-old Jaibi, and 17-year-old Suneko, were at a loss for money to pay for their father's treatment in the ...

2022 30 min Play
TV 8.2 5→9 From Five to Nine

5→9 From Five to Nine

Junko Sakuraba dreams of working in New York, but she currently works as an English conversation teacher. She's about to have her 29th birthday. Junko Sakuraba works hard to achieve her dream, but New York seem far away. She has also not dated in a long time. Junko Sakuraba attends a funeral held at a temple. During the funeral, she makes a mistake and throws ashes onto a monk chanting a sutra. She feels apologetic and embarrassment. Later, Junko Sakuraba's family deceives her into going ...

NR Fuji TV
2015 Comedy 55 min Play
0 5000 Space Aliens

5000 Space Aliens

Meet 5000 space aliens in 5000 seconds in this bonkers animated film.

2021 Animation 86 min Play
TV 6.9 5ive Days to Midnight

5ive Days to Midnight

A physicist discovers a briefcase containing postdated documents and evidence which indicate he will die five days in the future.

NR Syfy
2004 Drama 60 min Play
TV 0 5e Rang

5e Rang

NR ICI Radio-Canada Télé
2019 Drama 43 min Play
TV 0 5th Republic

5th Republic

5th Republic is a controversial political drama about the Fifth Republic of South Korea, one of the most turbulent times in modern Korean history. The 41-episode television series covered the key aspects of the period from President Park Chung-hee's assassination to general Chun Doo-hwan's military coup and his bloody rise to power, as well as the ensuing conflicts between the pro-democratic movement and Chun's military regime and the behind-the-scenes power struggles that ultimately led to ...

2005 Drama 80 min Play
TV 6.9 50 States of Fright

50 States of Fright

A horror anthology series based on urban legends that takes viewers deeper into the horrors that lurk just beneath the surface of America.

TV-MA Quibi
2020 Crime 6 min Play
TV 7.6 50M²


Seeking to uncover the truth about his past, a henchman betrays someone close to him and assumes a new identity in a small Istanbul neighborhood.

TV-MA Netflix
2021 Crime 49 min Play
TV 0 5 chefs dans ma cuisine

5 chefs dans ma cuisine

NR ICI Radio-Canada Télé
2020 30 min Play
7.5 537 Votes

537 Votes

Documentary chronicling the political machinations that led to the unprecedented, contested outcome of the 2000 presidential election, including the chaotic voter recount in Florida that ended with George W. Bush winning by a razor-thin margin.

2020 Documentary 109 min Play
5 5G Zombies

5G Zombies

In a world overtaken by a recent virus pandemic, all governments have conspired together to brainwash the remaining survivors using 5G cell service to create a new world order. Watch our world crumble from various perspectives...just when you thought it couldn't get any worse!

2020 Horror 96 min Play
6 5 Galaxies

5 Galaxies

Five thrilling stories about space travel, family, loss, and artificial intelligence are told in five different cities in the future. But is Mankind ready for this future and can he survive it?

2019 Action 83 min Play
6 5th of July

5th of July

All he wanted to do was spread his father's ashes in the national park - mayhem ensues.

2019 Comedy 102 min Play
8.6 5Gang: A Different Kind of Christmas

5Gang: A Different Kind of Christmas

To keep the band together, Selly tries to earn money by making an appearance at the birthday party of a mobster's daughter - until he gets kidnapped.

2019 Action 96 min Play
0 50 Years of the Troubles: A Journey Through Film

50 Years of the Troubles: A Journey Through Film

The film marks 50 years since riots erupted across Northern Ireland, widely seen as the beginning of the thirty-year conflict known as The Troubles. Mark Cousins – who left Belfast at 18 – returns to his hometown to reflect on how the place and its history have been used and occasionally abused by cinema. He traces how the legacy of division has impacted on the nation’s cinematic imagination; and, in a city that once had one of the highest rates of movie-going in the UK, he scrambles around ...

2019 Documentary 60 min Play
0 5 Years Apart

5 Years Apart

Two estranged brothers born on the same day, five years apart, run into each other at their family vacation home with wildly different expectations for how their birthday weekend is going to play out.

2019 Comedy 96 min Play
6.4 5 Is the Perfect Number

5 Is the Perfect Number

Peppino, a retired hitman for the Camorra, has now fully passed on his job and know-how to his single son, Nino. But when Nino is brutally assassinated, the old man is back in business to take revenge. Aside his everlasting love Rita and his longtime henchman Totò, Peppino will go to any lengths, even if it means bringing the Camorra down.

2019 Drama 100 min Play
4.2 5 Star Christmas

5 Star Christmas

When the Italian Premier and his companion find a dead body in his hotel suite, while on a trip to Hungary, they find themselves embroiled in a series of comedic situations as they try to avoid a scandal.

2018 Comedy 92 min Play
6.5 5B


At the heart of the HIV/AIDs crisis and widespread hysteria, a single number and letter designated a ward on the fifth floor of San Francisco General Hospital, the first in the country designed specifically to deal with AIDS patients. The unit's nurses' emphasis on humanity and consideration of holistic well-being was a small miracle amidst a devastating crisis and the ensuing panic about risk and infection.

2018 Documentary 93 min Play
4.7 5th Passenger

5th Passenger

Set in the aftermath of an oppressive class war, a pregnant officer aboard an escape pod must struggle to survive with her remaining crew when a mysterious and vicious life form attacks, determined to become the dominant species.

2018 Science Fiction 89 min Play
7.5 55 Steps

55 Steps

55 Steps is based a the inspiring true story of Eleanor Riese, a mental illness patient herself, who brings a class action suit to give competent mental patients the right to have a say in their medication while they’re in a hospital, and Colette Hughes, the lawyer appointed to her case.

2018 Drama 115 min Play
3.8 5-25-77


Alienated, hopeful-filmmaker Pat Johnson's epic story growing up in rural Illinois, falling in love, and becoming the first fan of the movie that changed everything.

2017 Comedy 135 min Play
3.6 5 Headed Shark Attack

5 Headed Shark Attack

A beautiful island is home to thousands of species of aquatic life. Now there is a new species: the 5-Headed Shark is all heads and teeth. Shaped like a demented starfish, this monster terrorizes the open ocean before invading the beaches of Puerto Rico, endangering the once peaceful island paradise.

2017 Horror 90 min Play
7.7 50 Years of Star Trek

50 Years of Star Trek

Over the last fifty years, America has been fascinated by Star Trek since it first aired in September of 1966. This 2-hour documentary celebrates the 50th anniversary through interviews with cast and crew members from every television series and the original films.

2016 Documentary 86 min Play