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TV Sisa Marn

Sisa Marn

Pilanthais a bad-tempered and mean woman who has a car accident that decapitates her head but ...

2022 Play
TV Waves of Life

Waves of Life

Jeerawat is a hardworking woman, who is a famous model and actress. Her mother married a smarmy but rich ...

2017 Play
TV Fish Upon the Sky

Fish Upon the Sky

Pi has a crush on one of the hottest students in the Allied Health Sciences Department but since he is ...

2021 Play
TV 7 Project

7 Project

'Seven Project' is about seven different couples, whose stories were inspired by seven different songs.

2021 Play
TV Waterboyy the Series

Waterboyy the Series

This series is loosely based on the 2015 movie Waterboyy. Swim captain Waii is forced to step up when the ...

2017 Play
TV Dark Blue Kiss

Dark Blue Kiss

The continuation of Kao, Pete, Sun and Mork's story. Kao and Pete being in a blissful romance, have grown ...

2019 Play
TV Together With Me: The Next Chapter

Together With Me: The Next Chapter

Continuation of the story with Knock and Korn after Bad Romance: The Series. What happens after their ...

2018 Play
TV Oh My Boss

Oh My Boss

Noomnim finally lands a solid job when she decides to have a fun night out with her friend to celebrate. ...

2021 Play
TV The Fallen Leaf

The Fallen Leaf

The story of a boy who is a little girl at heart, he is shattered from not being accepted by anyone but ...

2019 Play
TV Senior Secret Love

Senior Secret Love

Senior Secret Love (Thai: รุ่นพี่ Secret Love) is a Thai television series produced by GMM Grammy and ...

2016 Play
TV The Rising Sun: Roy Ruk Hak Liam Tawan

The Rising Sun: Roy Ruk Hak Liam Tawan

"Roy Rak Hak Liam Tawan," the first story of The Rising Sun series, is about a Thai lady name ...

2014 Play
TV I Told Sunset About You

I Told Sunset About You

Teh and Oh-aew were best friends until a boyhood line of reasoning turned them into rivals. Years later ...

2020 Play
TV Love Destiny

Love Destiny

After a fatal event, an archaeologist time travels to 17th-century Thailand into the body of a vile ...

2018 Play
TV You Are My Heartbeat

You Are My Heartbeat

Sira is the vice president of GU Group and a terrible neat freak. He seldom approaches or touches anyone ...

2022 Play
TV Mama Gogo

Mama Gogo

The hottest duo from the 2000s, Annie and Tina, are now separated and washed up find themselves in ...

2022 Play
TV Oh! My Sunshine Night

Oh! My Sunshine Night

Oh! My Sunshine Night

2022 Play
TV Enchanté


After living in France, Theo comes back to Thailand to study at his father's school. Living in Thailand ...

2022 Play
TV 2Moons: The Series

2Moons: The Series

The story of six university students facing new challenges like: studying hard, making new friends and ...

2017 Play
TV My Ride the Series

My Ride the Series

Dr. Tawan often hires Mork, a motorcycle driver, to drop him at his dentist boyfriend's apartment after ...

2022 Play
TV Still 2gether

Still 2gether

Is there any need to wait ten years to see if the love between Sarawat and Tine lasts? In these special ...

2020 Play
TV Even Sun Series

Even Sun Series

Sun is a debt collector unable to successfully collect a debt. Thai is a new debt collector, his rival. ...

2022 Play
TV Pink Sin

Pink Sin

Kangsadan is a dreamer who used to view the world in an positive light until her pink colored world ...

2018 Play
TV My Forever Sunshine

My Forever Sunshine

Fahmai moved into Arthit's house after her parents died. She knew she was going to get kicked out of the ...

2020 Play
TV Be My Boyfriend 2: Rose In Da House

Be My Boyfriend 2: Rose In Da House

Six actors/singers have to stay under the same roof to practice singing and dancing which is the mission ...

2022 Play