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TV Overman King Gainer

Overman King Gainer

Overman King Gainer is an anime TV series, created by Sunrise. Directed by longtime animator Yoshiyuki ...

2002 Play
TV Samurai Warriors

Samurai Warriors

In late 16th century, the era of civil war that tore Japan over two centuries is nearing its end and the ...

2015 Play
TV Macross Zero

Macross Zero

Taking place one year before the events of the original Macross series, Macross Zero chronicles the final ...

2002 Play
TV Maiden Rose

Maiden Rose

2009 Play
TV The Tree In Sunlight

The Tree In Sunlight

A story set in the mid-1800's about a young doctor who has been trained in Western-style medicine and a ...

2000 Play
TV 009-1


In an alternate world, the Cold War has continued to persist for 140 years. As a result, the world was ...

2006 Play
TV Winter Cicada

Winter Cicada

Fuyu no Semi is a Japanese anime OVA loosely based on the manga series, Embracing Love, which also aired ...

2007 Play
TV House of Saddam

House of Saddam

The intimate world of Saddam Hussein and his closest inner circle is in this gripping four-part drama ...

2008 Play
TV Shadow Lines

Shadow Lines

During the 1950s, Helsinki was the focal point of the Cold War, as global powers and their intelligence ...

2019 Play
TV Baghdad Central

Baghdad Central

Shortly after the fall of Saddam Hussein, Iraqi ex-policeman Muhsin al-Khafaji has lost everything and is ...

2020 Play
TV An Unknown Enemy

An Unknown Enemy

Fernando Barrientos, Head of the National Security Directorate, Mexico's Secret Police, is trying to ...

2018 Play
TV Valley of Tears

Valley of Tears

On October 6th 1973, the Middle East was shaken by the biggest war it had ever seen. A war that should ...

2020 Play
TV War and Remembrance

War and Remembrance

War and Remembrance is an American miniseries based on the novel of the same name by Herman Wouk. It is ...

1988 Play
TV Colditz


During World War II, the Germans converts the castle of Colditz into an escape-proof prison where ...

2005 Play
TV Shadows over Balkans

Shadows over Balkans

A historical fiction drama and thriller set in the turbulent period of the late 1930s in the Balkans as a ...

2017 Play
TV The Century of the Self

The Century of the Self

The legacy of famed psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud informs the lives of people throughout the world even to ...

2002 Play
TV Maximilian and Marie De Bourgogne

Maximilian and Marie De Bourgogne

In 1477 Charles the Bold dies, his only child is a girl which cannot rule without a husband. Meanwhile in ...

2017 Play
TV Now and Then, Here and There

Now and Then, Here and There

Shu is a typical Japanese boy, but has an unbeatable, optimistic and determined attitude. However, when ...

1999 Play
TV Holocaust


Berlin, Germany, 1935. The day Karl Weiss, a Jewish painter, and Inga Helms, a Christian woman, marry, is ...

1978 Play
TV Liquidation


Liquidation is a highly popular Russian television series, which parallels the famous The Meeting Place ...

2007 Play
TV Garrison’s Gorillas

Garrison’s Gorillas

Garrison's Gorillas is an ABC TV series broadcast from 1967 to 1968; a total of 26 hour-long episodes ...

1967 Play
TV Nazi Megastructures

Nazi Megastructures

In a quest for world domination, the Nazis built some of the biggest and deadliest pieces of military ...

2013 Play
TV Manuel Rodríguez

Manuel Rodríguez

During the years of the Spanish Reconquest, Manuel Rodríguez is a wanted man in Chile. His head already ...

2010 Play
TV New Worlds

New Worlds

Set in the turbulent 1680s, this four-part drama takes place on both sides of the Atlantic, as these two ...

2014 Play